So this was awkward :/

Wednesday, 21 March '18 by Stijn

It’s been 4 years since I made an update on this blog and the only reason, is because my blog went down and I didn’t had time to fix it. -_-

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Quick fix Microsoft Optical Mouse 200

Wednesday, 9 July '14 by Stijn

The Microsoft Optical Mouse 200 is a simple and cheap mouse, perfect for offices, but sometimes they break quite fast due to a stupid design flaw. It’s not the first time that somebody brought in there “broken” mouse because the LED inside the mouse moved a little bit. I think about 10% of the mouse‚Äôs getting affected by this problem after a while. Fortunately a fix only takes a few minutes.
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Installing a SSD in a Mac Pro using a drill

Friday, 23 December '11 by Stijn

A few months ago I ordered a Mac Pro for one of our people in the company. Because Apple only delivers SSD with Multi Level Cells, we decited to ordered a 1TB HDD with the Mac Pro and a separated 32GB SSD with Single Level Cells to install into the Mac Pro after it arrived,
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How To Solve Incorrect Language Preferences

Sunday, 21 August '11 by Stijn

I work for a Belgium company with allot of international employees and therefore all our windows installations are English. But a few application refuse to accept the language preference in Windows and still give you a different language, in my case Dutch. Read the rest of this entry »

Firefox Enterprise Setup

Tuesday, 9 August '11 by Stijn

In this post I will explain how to create a custom firefox installation for an enterprise environment.
I will start with explaining how to extract the original setup-file, than how to change the default settings, how to create lock settings, changing the default website, add default extensions and finally how to create a new compact setup-file. This post focus on the windows installer but some parts can also be used for OS X or Linux (than again… good luck using those two in an automated enterprise environment).
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