This is a Public Service Announcement

Monday, 21 May '18 by Stijn

Recently is started to use GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) when emailing. So for who might be interested, my public key fingerprint is 33D4 5D7C 3E1E 6605 3E12 22F4 2415 3B35 F89C 4D6C. And you can also find it here

Quick fix Microsoft Optical Mouse 200

Wednesday, 9 July '14 by Stijn

The Microsoft Optical Mouse 200 is a simple and cheap mouse, perfect for offices, but sometimes they break quite fast due to a stupid design flaw. It’s not the first time that somebody brought in there “broken” mouse because the LED inside the mouse moved a little bit. I think about 10% of the mouse‚Äôs getting affected by this problem after a while. Fortunately a fix only takes a few minutes.
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Installing a SSD in a Mac Pro using a drill

Friday, 23 December '11 by Stijn

A few months ago I ordered a Mac Pro for one of our people in the company. Because Apple only delivers SSD with Multi Level Cells, we decited to ordered a 1TB HDD with the Mac Pro and a separated 32GB SSD with Single Level Cells to install into the Mac Pro after it arrived,
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How To Solve Incorrect Language Preferences

Sunday, 21 August '11 by Stijn

I work for a Belgium company with allot of international employees and therefore all our windows installations are English. But a few application refuse to accept the language preference in Windows and still give you a different language, in my case Dutch. Read the rest of this entry »

Firefox Enterprise Setup

Tuesday, 9 August '11 by Stijn

In this post I will explain how to create a custom firefox installation for an enterprise environment.
I will start with explaining how to extract the original setup-file, than how to change the default settings, how to create lock settings, changing the default website, add default extensions and finally how to create a new compact setup-file. This post focus on the windows installer but some parts can also be used for OS X or Linux (than again… good luck using those two in an automated enterprise environment).
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