How not to use a keyboard

Friday, 21 August '09 by Stijn

So here is a nice picture of a keyboard I just received on my work.
I sometimes make jokes about computer problems that can be solved by just plugging in the cables. But after looking at this, it sometimes better they call the helpdesk. ;-)

How not to use a keyboard

Download (rip) flash movie from (update 22 nov ’10)

Monday, 6 April '09 by Stijn is the Flemish (Belgium) government news site and in my opinion one of the best news sites of Belgium. Most of there programmes can be viewed afterwards and the articles sometimes have small clips and those clips don’t stay online forever and there isn’t an “download” button. Luckily they don’t secure there links really hard and it’s real easy to download a clip in flash format.
Note: I updated the script (22 nov 2010)

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Black Browser icon

Sunday, 22 February '09 by Stijn

Because my Black OS icon where a big success, I decided to extend them with some browser icon’s, because we ALL use browsers ;-)

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Using the Thinkvantage key under Ubuntu (8.10)

Monday, 22 December '08 by Stijn

A few weeks ago I found a way to assign the Thinkvantage key from my Thinkpad R60 to open a terminal under Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10). Because most documentation is outdated, I will place and share a little tutorial with you. I will go to all the steps, even those who might be useless for some, just to make sure that everything is correct.
About Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope): I don’t know if this works in 9.04, but I’m planning a clean install real soon (I talking about 2 – 3 days). You always can subscribe to my RSS-feed to get notification.

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Black OS icon

Tuesday, 9 December '08 by Stijn

Almost a year ago I made a few icon’s that I used as network shortcut for my network so I could easily connect to my laptop. Today I improved them and re-release them for you under the name Black OS icon. Next to an Ubuntu and Windows Icon, I also added a Apple Icon.

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