Temperature monitor using DHT22 + Grafana + InfluxDB (and a PI) – Part 1

This projected started about 3 years ago as an Arduino project with a Raspberry PI pulling data from a DHT22 sensor and saving it in a csv-file and evolved over time to a DHT22 connected to a Raspberry PI writing data to an InfluxDB and visualising it with Grafana, both running on the RPi. To boost the cool factor, I also added a monochrome LCD display providing the current temperature, but in this part I will only cover the DHT22 Sensor together with Grafana and InfluxDB.

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How to install MinGW with Geany

I just started to learn C++ and finding a good compiler for windows Vista isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Even more, after I found one it didn’t really work on its own. Offcource you can find lots of information how to get it running if you google a little bit, but even then it was hard for me to get it up and running. Because I know that I’m not the only leek in the world who is learning C++, I written a small tutorial in human language. Here you can read how you install MinGW and get it up and running together with Geany under Windows Vista. I did this under the “home premium” edition of Vista, so the change is big this will work under other versions as well. (and hopefully also under VISTA SP1)

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