Migrate an IIS Website to a New Server

Here is the situation. I’m running an internal IIS server with a simple website and an FTP website on Windows Server 2008 R2. Of course, Windows Server 2008 is End of Service so we need to migrate the server to a new supported server. Unfortunately, the FTP server contains allot of folders and files with the necessary configurations and permissions. While there are some websites explaining this process, most of them are outdated or are missing some extra information to help you in the process. So, for this reason I found it interesting to write a small tutorial.

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Connecting Visual Studio Code to a VM running Raspberry Pi Desktop (Raspbian)

Here is the situation, I have Raspberry Pi Desktop running in a VM and Visual Studio Code on my machine. When I try connect to my Raspberry Pi Desktop using VS Code Remote Development, I receive the error node: not found. When checking the files on the side of the Raspberry Pi Desktop, the node file is there and running the file results in:

$ ./node
-bash: ./node: No such file or directory
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Been working from home has some advantages like having a radio playing in the background. Unfortunately, I no longer have a classic FM radio, so in the beginning I used my phone or tablet to listen to the online radio, but I didn’t really find it practical. So, during one of the lockdown weekends I decided to do a small project creating a RPi internet radio receiver, thinking it would be quick and easy. Turns out I was a little of on the easy and quick part and it took much more time then I would like to admit to get it working. Apparently running a Music Daemon completely headless using a Bluetooth speaker on a RPi Zero is a little more challenging than one might think.

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When SSO fails for a few on a windows RDS-Farm

On my workplace we have a small RDS-farm with a few RemoteApps and the nice thing about a strong windows environment is that is you can make use of Single sign-on (SSO), but for some reason this didn’t work for a handful of people. They always received a pop-up where they needed to enter their windows credential before getting access to the app. Not a big issue but finding the root cause took a while and I wasn’t able to find a solution on the internet. Fortunately after finding the root cause, the solution was really easy.

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