Hard to find Call Queues and Auto Attendants in Microsoft Teams

Iā€™m currently migrating from our Skype environment to Teams and one of the issues we had was that our internal user could not easily find the Auto Attendant or Call queue of our internal departments. Only when they searched on the virtual operator (Resource Account) full name, did they get the correct results. Fortunately, thanks to some input from my teammates we found a solution that Microsoft didn’t document. šŸ˜«

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Decommissioning old servers

Nothing feels so good as shutting down an old server running an EOS operating system. A couple of years ago I did a project where I needed to migrate a lot of old Windows servers. Every time I decommissioned an old server in that project, I always entered some lyrics as final message. I recently found them back I wanted them. šŸ˜Š

Migrate an IIS Website to a New Server

Here is the situation. I’m running an internal IIS server with a simple website and an FTP website on Windows Server 2008 R2. Of course, Windows Server 2008 is End of Service so we need to migrate the server to a new supported server. Unfortunately, the FTP server contains allot of folders and files with the necessary configurations and permissions. While there are some websites explaining this process, most of them are outdated or are missing some extra information to help you in the process. So, for this reason I found it interesting to write a small tutorial.

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When SSO fails for a few on a windows RDS-Farm

On my workplace we have a small RDS-farm with a few RemoteApps and the nice thing about a strong windows environment is that is you can make use of Single sign-on (SSO), but for some reason this didn’t work for a handful of people. They always received a pop-up where they needed to enter their windows credential before getting access to the app. Not a big issue but finding the root cause took a while and I wasn’t able to find a solution on the internet. Fortunately after finding the root cause, the solution was really easy.

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Installing .net 3.5 on an offline Windows 2016 Server

So, installing .net 3.5 on a window server is not really that hard and normally you just need to run the command Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-Core -Source d:\sources\sxs, but recently I had a few machines where this simply failed with error code 0x800f0922 or other vague error code. Looking up these errors provided me with more than enough results in DuckDuckGo, but unfortunately none of them provided a solutions. In a few cases I even ended up with reinstalling the OS. And that was also the only lead I had. Clean installed machines didn’t had this issue, but machines that already received updates had the issue. Hmm…

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