Good news, everyone! I finally enabled SSL

Wednesday, 23 May '18 by Stijn

To be honest, my provider already enabled this months/years ago for the root domain and the www-sub-domain, but for other sub domain you needed to create a support ticket, what I finally did.

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How-to manually uninstall Left4Dead

Sunday, 18 October '09 by Stijn

I’m quit happy about steam, but today I had some problems with the game Left4Dead. Actually to be honest I had the problem for a few days and hoped it just would disappear, but because it didn’t I stuck fixing the problem >_< . So here I a quick and easy how-to for manually uninstalling Left4Dead from your computer that doesn't include a hammer or other high destructive tools.

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How not to use a keyboard

Friday, 21 August '09 by Stijn

So here is a nice picture of a keyboard I just received on my work.
I sometimes make jokes about computer problems that can be solved by just plugging in the cables. But after looking at this, it sometimes better they call the helpdesk. ;-)

How not to use a keyboard

Download (rip) flash movie from (update 22 nov ’10)

Monday, 6 April '09 by Stijn is the Flemish (Belgium) government news site and in my opinion one of the best news sites of Belgium. Most of there programmes can be viewed afterwards and the articles sometimes have small clips and those clips don’t stay online forever and there isn’t an “download” button. Luckily they don’t secure there links really hard and it’s real easy to download a clip in flash format.
Note: I updated the script (22 nov 2010)

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