Hard to find Call Queues and Auto Attendants in Microsoft Teams

Iā€™m currently migrating from our Skype environment to Teams and one of the issues we had was that our internal user could not easily find the Auto Attendant or Call queue of our internal departments. Only when they searched on the virtual operator (Resource Account) full name, did they get the correct results. Fortunately, thanks to some input from my teammates we found a solution that Microsoft didn’t document. šŸ˜«

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Updating a rooted Fairphone 4 (February 2022)

A couple of months ago I rooted my Fairphone successfully but now the OTA doesn’t work. Which isn’t a big surprise as the signature is modified by installing Magisk. Fortunately, there is an easy method to fix this. Unfortunately, you will root your device again, but this time I was able to do it without any data loss (yeah! šŸ„³)

Update 24/04/2022: Works for update FF3T.A.0107
Update 01/06/2022: Successfully updated from A.107 to A.128

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Decommissioning old servers

Nothing feels so good as shutting down an old server running an EOS operating system. A couple of years ago I did a project where I needed to migrate a lot of old Windows servers. Every time I decommissioned an old server in that project, I always entered some lyrics as final message. I recently found them back I wanted them. šŸ˜Š

Fairphone 4 – Root -December 2021

A couple of days ago I received my Fairphone 4, but unfortunately for the moment, there aren’t any alternative operating systems available that provides you root access. Fortunately, the community already found a method to root the phone and to install Magisk. However, the instructions were not always that clear and I have written my own instructions guide.

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Migrate an IIS Website to a New Server

Here is the situation. I’m running an internal IIS server with a simple website and an FTP website on Windows Server 2008 R2. Of course, Windows Server 2008 is End of Service so we need to migrate the server to a new supported server. Unfortunately, the FTP server contains allot of folders and files with the necessary configurations and permissions. While there are some websites explaining this process, most of them are outdated or are missing some extra information to help you in the process. So, for this reason I found it interesting to write a small tutorial.

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