How-to manually uninstall Left4Dead

I’m quit happy about steam, but today I had some problems with the game Left4Dead. Actually to be honest I had the problem for a few days and hoped it just would disappear, but because it didn’t I stuck fixing the problem >_< . So here I a quick and easy how-to for manually uninstalling Left4Dead from your computer that doesn't include a hammer or other high destructive tools.


Lets start:

  1. First close down steam. Right click in the taskbar icon and exit.
  2. Go to steamapps folder of steam folder. In most cases you will find this in

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps


    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps

  3. In this folder you will find 4 files: left 4 dead base.ncf, left 4 dead binaries.ncf, left 4 dead client binary.ncf and left 4 dead sound.ncf. Remove these files.
  4. Next, go into the common folder, there you will find a left 4 dead folder. Again. remove it.
  5. Start Steam and normally left4dead will be gone in your “installed” list and will be found in the “not installed” list.

Now that wasn’t so hard, probably the reason why I didn’t found any guides about it on the net. If you want to install the game again, just use the disk or download it.

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