Download (rip) flash movie from (update 22 nov ’10) is the Flemish (Belgium) government news site and in my opinion one of the best news sites of Belgium. Most of there programmes can be viewed afterwards and the articles sometimes have small clips and those clips don’t stay online forever and there isn’t an “download” button. Luckily they don’t secure there links really hard and it’s real easy to download a clip in flash format.
Note: I updated the script (22 nov 2010)


1, 2, 3 -tutorial
1, 2, 3 -tutorial

All you need to do is go to the source code of the page ands search (ctrl+f) for ‘v_videoUrl’ the link after that is the download link. Copy paste in your browser and done.

Another and easier way is to copy-past the permalink into the next textbox and hit “Give me the download link”.

Note about piracy: It’s really complicate, if you download, print or save something from you need to keep in mind that all materials are copyrighted. However, there is a grey area in the Belgium law that allows you to use it for personal use and (if I’m correct) for studying. Let me put it this way:

  • May you show it to your friends? Yes
  • May you place it on facebook (or other website)? No
  • May you use it for a school project in class? Yes
  • May you use it for a school project outside class or in front of strangers? No

3 thoughts on “Download (rip) flash movie from (update 22 nov ’10)”

  1. Hi peter, Are you sure the link is correct? If I open it, I get a
    “page not found error”. I tried it with another link of the website
    and it still works. Regards Stijn

  2. Well for some reason the links work now and I can download. The
    link I provided above was generated by deredactie itself, and also
    for me the link was dead. Yet the clip would play without issues if
    launched directly from the deredactie website. I’ll keep you
    posted, so far so good. Thanks again for your work.Peter

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