Good news, everyone! I finally enabled SSL

Wednesday, 23 May '18 by Stijn

To be honest, my provider already enabled this months/years ago for the root domain and the www-sub-domain, but for other sub domain you needed to create a support ticket, what I finally did.

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This is a Public Service Announcement

Monday, 21 May '18 by Stijn

Recently is started to use GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) when emailing. So for who might be interested, my public key fingerprint is 33D4 5D7C 3E1E 6605 3E12 22F4 2415 3B35 F89C 4D6C. And you can also find it here

So this was awkward :/

Wednesday, 21 March '18 by Stijn

It’s been 4 years since I made an update on this blog and the only reason, is because my blog went down and I didn’t had time to fix it. -_-

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How not to use a keyboard

Friday, 21 August '09 by Stijn

So here is a nice picture of a keyboard I just received on my work.
I sometimes make jokes about computer problems that can be solved by just plugging in the cables. But after looking at this, it sometimes better they call the helpdesk. ;-)

How not to use a keyboard

Changed to WordPress + new Domain name

Thursday, 27 November '08 by Stijn

Hi people

After a few weeks of designing I have finally finished a blog design for wordpress and decided to use it as my default blog engine.

Why? Well because it’s popular and while I was designing I noticed it was quite easy to extend with your own code. Next to that, it’s also stable ^_^

Together with this wordpress I decided to ‘ditch’ my old domeinname ( and in a few days or weeks I will redirect them to this domein (

The disadvantage of this little operation is that I will lose all my old post from my own system, however I currently moving them to wordpress and for most of the time it’s just copy and paste (lucky me).