Installing a SSD in a Mac Pro using a drill

A few months ago I ordered a Mac Pro for one of our people in the company. Because Apple only delivers SSD with Multi Level Cells, we decited to ordered a 1TB HDD with the Mac Pro and a separated 32GB SSD with Single Level Cells to install into the Mac Pro after it arrived,

Sadly enough, the design of Apple doesn’t allow you to use sata-cables and instead you need to use some strange bracelet system to plug in your HDD’s. And of course, this bracelet system is made for 3.5″ disk’s instead of 2.5″ disks (the one our SSD was).

But I’m a real IT’er and I eat apples for breakfast, so after a little fixing I created this.

With a little fiddling the disk fitted, but the bracelet came out a half centimeter and I was unable to close the computer case. So I went to one of our company technicians and he made a little cut into the bracelet next to the original hole. Et voila!

Not the best solution, but it fits perfect and the SSD stays on his place.

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