Changed to WordPress + new Domain name

Thursday, 27 November '08 by Stijn

Hi people

After a few weeks of designing I have finally finished a blog design for wordpress and decided to use it as my default blog engine.

Why? Well because it’s popular and while I was designing I noticed it was quite easy to extend with your own code. Next to that, it’s also stable ^_^

Together with this wordpress I decided to ‘ditch’ my old domeinname ( and in a few days or weeks I will redirect them to this domein (

The disadvantage of this little operation is that I will lose all my old post from my own system, however I currently moving them to wordpress and for most of the time it’s just copy and paste (lucky me).


How to invisible redirect websites in Apache. [updated]

Thursday, 4 October '07 by Stijn

Problem: You have 1 hosting package but 2 websites. How do you make a nice looking redirect, so that they run nicely side by side, with .htaccess?

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